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My name is Misty. I'm a 24 year old married SAHM of 2 boys. We're currently working on #3. I have many interests and tons of obsessions. I'm an open book, I wear my feelings on my sleeves. Stick around for a while, it'll be fun.
Joe convinced me to test. Its negative (obviously) but there’s a faint pink line…down the middle. I’m confused lol.

Random fact no one will care about

I can’t be the last one to say anything before I go to sleep. It makes me anxious. When I was a kid, maybe 5, I was at my cousins house and was self conscious that if I was the last one to talk before we all fell asleep, they’d think I was a loud mouth. So ever since, I always make sure I’m not the last one to say anything before falling asleep. Here’s an example of a conversation Joe and I have before bed (while laying in bed);

Me: (talks about random stuff)
Him: Ok, goodnight
Me: Goodnight
Him: I love you
Me: I love you too
Me: (gets uncomfortable that I spoke last so asks any question I can think)
Him: (answers)
Me: Oh ok, goodnight. I love you
Him: Love you too
Me: (feels relieved and stops talking)

It can go on like that for quite some time. I’ve never told him (or anyone) this stupid fear cause I KNOW he’d remember and wouldn’t say anything back to me, making me the last one to speak.

Anyway…ya. I’m strange.

Easter baskets for the boys! There’s sidewalk chalk, bath fizzes, a hot wheels car, bubbles, a stuffed animal and lots of candy. #igivemykidscandy


I literally just had some cramping on my left side again just now. Other than that and the weird chunk of sticky, stretchy, mucus plug looking cm, nothing else has gone on today. I’m super tired right now. I might hit the hay early tonight.

Today’s TMI:

I just had some CM that reminded me of a mucus plug. It was a little damp, white, sticky, but stretchy. Kinda like snot. Strange.

So…I dont know what the general consensus is on Divergent as a movie…but I freaking loved it. I thought it was as close to the book as a movie can get. I wish there was more Beatrice/Tobias action, but I know we’ll get more of that in the next one.

…They are making Insurgent….right??!?!

No, you’re going to the movies alone cause you have no real friends.