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Hobbit. Gryffindor. Hunter.

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My name is Misty. I'm a 24 year old married SAHM of 2 boys. I'm currently pregnant with baby #3! I have many interests and tons of obsessions. I'm an open book, I wear my feelings on my sleeves. Stick around for a while, it'll be fun.



what would you say to your 10 year old self

shut up ur like 10

1) What do you use as a bookmark?

Anything I can find, usually an old receipt or something of that nature

2) How many stars would you rate the last book that you finished?

Maybe 3.5, possibly a 4

3) Are you subscribed to any magazines?


4) How do you feel about e-readers?

I love them.  They’re convenient and I love mine!  However, I still have to have physical books.  Nothing beats the feeling and smell of a book in your hands

5) What is the best book-ish gift you’ve ever received?

I haven’t received a book-ish gift other than actual books, which I love!

6) What is one book that you read for required reading in school that you would (or have) read again?

Maybe To Kill a Mockingbird, or a Wrinkle in Time.  I haven’t read those in ages

7) Do you remember the name of your elementary school librarian?

Nope lol

8) How will/do you teach your children about respecting books?

HA!  I try to tell the boys that books are special, we should treat them with care.  We put our books away at the end of each day, but they’re still a bit too young to grasp the concept of ownership.  They both were LITERALLY just using books to step on and skate across the kitchen floor -__-

9) Can you read with the tv on in the background?

Ya, I usually do.  The only time I don’t is if I’m up alone and reading.

10) Do you own bookends?

No :/  I want some though!  I have my eye on a Stark/Targaryen set on the hbo website :)

11) How often do you go to the library, and how many books do you check out on these visits?

Never.  I don’t like our library at all.

1. What was your favorite part of being pregnant? 

I love feeling the baby move :)  And my pregnant baby belly!

2. How is your relationship with your mother? 

It’s great.  She’s an amazing woman and I love her and her big heart.  However, she does get on my nerves quite easily if I spend too much time with her

3. In 10 years what do you see yourself doing? 

I have no idea.  Taking care of my family

4. Do you see the future of America in a positive or negative way? 


5. Do you plan on having anymore kids? 

I want to, but we’re not positive

6. What scares you? 

Plenty of things, haha.  

7. If you could pick any state to live in, where would it be and why? 

Any state except this one :P

8. Do you miss anyone? 

My old friendships :/

9. Were you passionate about anything in high school? 

Becoming a movie director 

10. Do you regret anything? 

No, not really

11. Describe your dreams for the future. 

A happy and close family, a house of our own, and being able to live comfortably with jobs with both want and enjoy


[talks about westeros like it’s a real place]


My bookshelf. (updated)